Is Water Damage Harmful?

A Broken Heat Pipe That Has Caused a Leak

Top Causes of Water Damage Can Include Broken Pipes and Flooding.

Water is one of the most integral things in our lives in order to survive. We need water to drink, cook with, bathe with, and clean with. Because it is such an important part of our lives, we never stop to consider that it can be harmful at times. In situations where your home has flooded or you’ve experienced some other water damage in your property, water can be pretty damaging. Depending on what type of water has damaged your home or business will depend on how harmful it is. If it was damaged by clean water, it should be safe. If the water is moderately clean, then you might have to have some cleaning done. If the water was contaminated with sewage or chemicals, then you can expect to have various problems if you keep belongings or furniture that come into contact with it. Below are the top causes of water damage for your home or business.

Top Causes of Water Damage

  • Your home or business has tons of water because of a build-up of moisture in your attic or basement.
  • Your plumbing pipes have burst and it has caused a leak.
  • Your HVAC system is having issues and causing leaks.
  • Your washing machine, water heater, or other appliance is causing leakage.

Storm damage is also one of the top causes of water damage. If you are needing water removal in Wellington, FL, please call Super Clean Property Rescue at (561) 570-3250. If you want to attempt to extract water yourself, you can always rent water extraction equipment.

What Does Water Restoration Mean?

A Room in an Apartment That Has Wet Wells and Is Starting to Form Mold.

Prevent Structural Damage and Mold Infestation with Water Restoration.

Don’t understand what water restoration is? We are here to help you guide you through what water restoration is and what the process. Water restoration means restoring a home or business to the way it was before flooding, a hurricane, or another disaster that involves water. Removing water damage and restoring your property is essential to prevent structural damage, as well as mold infestation. Find out what is involved in this type of restoration for your home or business.

When you call someone for water damage restoration, they will first take a look at your property to see what kind of water damage you have and the extent. They will also use digital imaging and moisture mapping to see where water has seeped into your floors, walls, furniture, and more.

  • Water Removal: The next step will be to remove all the water on your property using water extraction equipment.
  • Water Drying and Dehumidification: After the water has been removed, drying and dehumidification will begin. The use of drying equipment will remove moisture from the surface of your belongings, whereas dehumidification will remove moisture in the air.
  • Water Cleanup: Once everything is dry, the next step will be to clean your home or business. This involves infecting areas that have been damaged by water, as well as deodorizing.
  • Water Restoration: When everything is dry and clean, we will remove furniture, insulation, and flooring that is damaged beyond repair and dispose of it. With items and belongings in your home that can be saved, we will restore them.

If you are interested in water removal or restoration services in Wellington, FL, call Super Clean Property Rescue at (561) 570-3250.