Artwork and Antique Restoration Service

A Hand Restoring a Piece of Antique Furniture.

We Can Restore Various Antiques and Art with Our Artwork and Antique Restoration.

Flooding and fires can be devastating to homes and businesses in various ways. Not only can these types of situations harm the structure of your property, but it can cause damage to your belongings. This can be especially traumatic when some of your belongings include priceless art or antique furniture. If your home or business has recently flooded or has had a fire, please call Super Clean Property Rescue. Not only can we provide flood and fire restoration, but we can restore contents in your home or business like your antiques and furniture. To learn more about our artwork and antique restoration in Wellington, FL, please contact our office at (561) 570-3250.

Our Art and Antique Restoration Process

Some of the art and antiques in your home or business are irreplaceable, which is why you need a restoration company who acts fast. Fortunately, Super Clean Property Rescue has technicians who have the skills and training to clean and restore your antiques and art quickly and properly. In order to save your antiques and artwork, we go through a process to ensure that it is completely restored.

  • Removal: We will remove your antiques and artwork to a storage facility as to keep it separated from areas that are wet, have soot and ash, or have mold.
  • Clean: Depending on whether it is damaged by fire or water will depend on how the antique or art is cleaned.
  • Restoration: When it is thoroughly cleaned, we can begin the restoration process.

Don’t leave your art and antique restoration for your Wellington, FL home up to amateurs, call our professional technicians to get effective and dependable restoration services.

Contact Us Today for Help

We know how important the belongings in your home or business can be, especially if they are invaluable. Because of this, we work very hard to get your paintings and antiques back in the shape that they were before. We have been in the restoration business for a long time, and we are able to restore and clean even the worst damages. With our knowledge and experience, we can get your damaged artwork and antiques back in great condition. If you are interested in our art and antique restoration in Wellington, FL for your home or business, please call us at (561) 570-3250.