Furniture Restoration and Cleaning

So many areas of your home or business can be damaged by fire, smoke, and water, but this is especially true. Because of the fabric and material that is used in a lot of furniture, it is easy for it to absorb water, as well as smoke and ash from a fire. This can be difficult to restore, which is why it’s important to get professional restoration services. Super Clean Property Rescue is a company that is able to provide detailed and effective furniture restoration and cleaning in Wellington, FL. Whether you have an antique couch that has water damage or a wooden chair that has a bit of smoke damage, please call our technicians at (561) 570-3250 to make an appointment.

Our Furniture Restoration Process

Restoring a Piece of Wood Furniture

We Can Restore On Any Type of Furniture with Our Furniture Restoration and Cleaning.

Based on whether your property was affected by a fire or a flood will depend on what type of restoration your furniture will get. When it comes to water damage to your furniture, the category of the water in your furniture will dictate the service needed. If your furniture is covered with water from a sewage backup, we recommend that the furniture is disposed of. That type of water is hazardous and our technicians will not be able to salvage the furniture. If the water is moderately clean, then we will clean and restore the areas that can be saved and then remove areas that are unsalvageable. If the furniture has been affected by clean water, restoration and cleaning is not a problem.

In terms of smoke, soot, and ash residue on furniture, it depends on how severe the damage is. The oils in the smoke have chemicals that can distort and cause corrosion to the piece of furniture. If the fire and smoke damage aren’t extensive, we can restore and clean it, but if not, we will dispose of the piece of furniture for you. Contact us today to get furniture restoration and cleaning in Wellington, FL.

Better Restoration and Cleaning for Your Furniture

Every restoration and cleaning service starts by removing furniture and placing it in a storage facility for proper cleaning and restoration. We will use equipment to remove water and soot, as well as disinfectant and deodorizers to remove anything that is unsanitary. We work hard to ensure that your furniture is in better condition, so give us a call at (561) 570-3250 to schedule an appointment for professional furniture restoration and cleaning in Wellington, FL.