Hardwood and Carpet Drying Service

You may think that a little bit of water on your floors couldn’t possibly harm it, but any amount of water for an extended period of time on your floor can hurt it. If you’ve had a bit of flooding in your home due to a leaking water heater or washing machine, you might have cleaned it up and went on your way. Unfortunately, water can seep into carpets and floors, causing issues with the foundation, as well as mold infestation. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, call Super Clean Property Rescue at (561) 570-3250 for hardwood and carpet drying service. We provide the best restoration services for your home or business.

Why You Need This Service

Hardwood Floor Ruined By Moisture and Water.

To Prevent Water Damages To Your Floors, Call Us for Hardwood and Carpet Drying Service.

In addition to the potential foundation problems and mold outbreaks that can occur when water is left to seep in your flooring, there are other reasons hardwood and carpet drying are needed. One of the reasons you should invest in a drying service for your floors is that is can affect your indoor air quality. Since mold is more than likely to happen, it can impact your indoor air, causing allergies, itchy eyes, an irritated throat, and more.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that when water seeps in the hardwood floors it can crack or distort the wood; when water seeps into the carpet it can cause mold to grow. Both of these things, in turn, will result in the need for hardwood and carpet replacement. However, the technicians at Super Clean Property Rescue can help. You just call us to set up an appointment for hardwood and carpet drying service in Wellington, FL.

Get Professional Hardwood and Carpet Drying Today

When we come to your home or business to dry your carpet or hardwood floor, we will first assess the damage. Both carpet and hardwood will need to be dried within in the first couple of hours in order to salvage them. Once we determine the extent of the damage, we can begin the water removal process by removing any water using extraction equipment. From there we will use drying equipment to dry the surface of the floor, which will also extend to the slab underneath. After that, we will clean and deodorize the hardwood and carpet. If your home or business has had a flood or leaking on your floors, call us at (561) 570-3250 to get expert hardwood and carpet drying service in Wellington, FL.