Disaster and Flood Restoration

Flooding in your home or business can happen for several reasons. Sewage backups, overflowing toilets, leaks in a washing machine, and other appliances can cause flooding, but things like hurricanes and severe storms can really cause a ton of flooding. If you live in the Wellington area and a hurricane or severe storm has your home or business flooding, you can depend on the technicians at Super Clean Property Rescue. We know this can be a scary situation, but we have the knowledge and experience to handle it. Give us a call at (561) 570-3250 for immediate disaster and flood restoration in Wellington, FL.

Our Disaster and Flood Restoration Process

Water On the Floor of a Home.

There Are Many Steps in Our Disaster and Flood Restoration Service in Order To Get Your Property Back To Normal.

It’s important that after flooding has subsided that you call us immediately for help. Because there is a lot of water, it’s crucial that it is removed at once in order to prevent mold infestation and structural damage to your home or business. Our disaster and flood restoration process involves a lot of steps to ensure that your property has water damage completely removed.

  • Damage Assessment: Knowing what kind of damage we are dealing with will help us to better come up with the best restoration plan that is tailored specifically for your home or business. If the water is clean and there is little damage, then restoration should be relatively easy. If there is unsanitary water all over the floor and absorbed in the walls and furniture, then the restoration process is going to be more extensive.
  • Water Removal: Once the damage assessment is complete, we get to work right away to remove all of the water. We use water extraction equipment to remove every inch of water on your property.
  • Drying and Dehumidifying: Not only will we dry every surface of your home or business, but we will also use evaporation and drying equipment to get rid of the rest of the water and then use a dehumidifying machine to remove excess moisture in the air.
  • Cleaning: When everything is dry, we will begin cleaning your property. We will disinfect every area to ensure that your property is sanitary and then deodorize it to get rid of any odor.
  • Restoration: With this step in the process, we will remove items that are not salvageable and dispose of them properly. For items that we are able to restore, we will take to a storage facility and restore it there. Anything in your home or business that needs to be replaced, such as the floor, drywall, or panels will be completed in this step.

When you are looking for professional and effective disaster and flood restoration in Wellington, FL, please contact Super Clean Property Rescue at (561) 570-3250 to get the best storm water restoration service.