Leaking Water Heater Cleanup

Water Leak in Room That is Being Covered with Towels.

Call Us for Leaking Water Heater Cleanup; We Will Clean Up Water in Every Room That Is Affected.

Has a water heater in your home or business burst causing a small flood? It’s important that if you have a leaking water heater, you get professional help quickly. The reason you need help as soon as possible is that a water heater leak can be very dangerous for a number of reasons. Some of the things that can happen from an overflowing or leaking water heater are fires, electrocution, water damage, and mold infestation. To ensure none of this happens, call Super Clean Property Rescue at (561) 570-3250. Our technicians are able to provide leaking water heater cleanup for your Wellington, FL home or business. Whether the leak was caused by a corroded tank or broken pipe, we are able to help you.

How the Process Works

Before we begin any type of service, we will first inspect your business or home using digital imaging and moisture mapping to see where water has permeated areas of your home or business. We are able to see where water is on the surface, but if it penetrates your floors, carpet, walls, and furniture, it can cause damages and mold. With these types of equipment, we can pinpoint where the water and moisture are and begin removing, drying, and cleaning up water.

  • Water Removal: Once we find where the water is, we are able to provide a water removal service. The way we remove water from your home or business is by using water extraction equipment.
  • Drying and Dehumidifying: When all the water is removed, we then use dryers and dehumidifiers. The dryer removes moisture from the surface of furniture, floors, and walls, whereas the dehumidifier¬†removes moisture from the air.
  • Cleanup Service: Water from a leaking water heater is usually pretty clean, but we will still disinfect the areas that have been in contact with water.

If any part of your home or business was damaged, such as furniture, belongings, flooring, or your walls, we are able to provide restoration service. To make an appointment for leaking water heater cleanup in the Wellington, FL area, call our office at (561) 570-3250. We know this can be a stressful situation, but we can take some of the stress away by providing a professional cleanup service.